Toyo fires up second India ink plant

Toyo fires up second India ink plant

The Toyo Ink Group has increased its footprint in India, firing up a new plant in Dahej, Gujarat state, along the country’s eastern coast.

Toyo says the US$17m facility has commenced production of offset inks to satisfy demand in the rapidly growing printing market in India, while ensuring a consistent supply of products on a global level, particularly to neighbouring markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It boasts a production capacity of 10,000 million tons, nearly three times that of the company’s first manufacturing facility in Delhi.

Shingo Nishikaze, chairman of Toyo Ink India, says, “Growing demand has pushed production at our Delhi plant to capacity. With the establishment of a second inks plant, we are well-positioned now and in the future to support our customers’ growth in India and its neighbouring regions. This is an important step in implementing our SCC-III mid-term growth strategy. Toyo Ink is working to expand our worldwide operations while enhancing our global supply capabilities to respond quickly and effectively to our customers’ evolving needs.”

Since the establishment of Toyo Ink India in 2007, the Toyo Ink Group has built a broad production, sales and logistics network. Toyo Ink India began manufacturing offset inks at its Delhi plant in 2008. To meet growing local demand, it expanded production to include inkjet inks in 2011 and gravure inks for the food packaging sector in 2012. It has three branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, providing technical support such as colour matching and blending services.

Bodi S. Kampani, chief executive and managing director of Toyo Ink India, says, “India is a market that holds immense potential for the future for us. In the current fiscal year, Toyo Ink India intends to boost our gravure inks production capacity and scale up our inkjet inks operations with further enhancements to the Delhi plant.”

In 2013, the Toyo Ink Group established a manufacturing joint venture for azo pigments with Heubach Colour, a producer of organic pigments. Heubach Toyo Colour will supply the Toyo Ink Group to meet its internal consumption requirements for high-quality and cost-competitive materials as well as offering pigment products to its global customers.

Toyo believes that, with its proximity to emerging markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, India has an ideal position as a strategic hub for the Group’s manufacturing and global supply chain needs. It plans to strengthen its local presence and diversify its business in the country.

Kampani adds, “In Gujarat, we plan to install new equipment for the manufacturing of resins and adhesives and expand production of plastic colorants, with the aim of later creating a production base for compounds developed in conjunction with Group products. The Toyo Ink Group is working to develop a multi-faceted operation to help meet burgeoning demand and contribute to the enrichment of life and culture of the people in India and surrounding areas.”


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