Mergers and acquisitions next PIAA webinar

Industry mergers and acquisitions is the timely theme of the next Printing Industries webinar, on Wednesday May 14.

Richard Rasmussen, director of specialist print consultant Ascent Partners, says in the current climate you could be forgiven for thinking that business mergers and acquisitions are for big players only.

However, he says, “In reality they are for any forward thinking businesses of all sizes and for those that aspire to grow, improve profitability and build a more sustainable business model.

To deal or not to deal? Rasmussen says mergers and acquisitions are not just for big players

To deal or not to deal? Rasmussen says mergers and acquisitions are not just for the big end of town

“There is a common misconception that that those that merge or sell must be in trouble. That’s most often plain wrong for mergers and for sellers often inaccurate. For both groups their decision is often based on analysis of the present situation and the need to change.”

Ascent Partners has conducted more than 100 business appraisals and valuations, and more than 30 business sales.

Rasmussen, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, will discuss the rationale behind mergers and acquisitions and whether they will likely suit your business, the pros and cons of growing organically versus acquiring or merging another player, and how to set up a deal with key numbers and planned ROI.

He will also review the current market activity and industry trends, to delve into just what is happening to the printing industry in Australia at the moment.

The 30 minute webinar will begin at 1pm, and include a question and answer session.


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