No two bottles alike

An American packager is using hydrographic printing to create one-off wood grain effect graphics for self-tan products.

The Australian Gold ‘Sweet Escape’ tanning lotion and ‘Green With Envy’ bronzer are new products for salon use, sold in the US.

TricorBraun, US-based packaging design and manufacturing company, has won an American Package Design award for the bottles in the health and beauty category.

Going organic: Australian Gold packaging design

Going organic: Australian Gold packaging design

The designers were going for an organic feel, the bottle’s wood grain graphic varying from package to package on the shelf.

Michael Brown, TricorBraun sales consultant for Australian Gold, says, “The printing process is realistic and the botanical individuality among each of the bottles makes their down-to-earth presentation on a salon shelf striking.”

Custom molds were created for the two-piece, 8.5 ounce bottles, which are ergonomically designed to fit into the user’s hand.

The lower portion of the container is extrusion blow molded HDPE and features a shrink sleeve label.

The upper part showcases the wood grain decoration, and is made with injection molded polypropylene.

The bottles use reverse-taper dispensing closures, manufactured with injection molded polypropylene, that also feature the wood grain image.

The hydrographic process uses water transfer to create one-off images.


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