Fuji Xerox ups eco-friendly paper sales

Fuji Xerox Australia has this week released its 2013 sustainability report, reporting a 32 per cent rise in sales of its range of FSC-approved, carbon neutral and recycled papers during the 2012-13 period.

Fuji says its environmentally-friendly papers now account for 99 per cent of total paper sales by volume, up from 67 per cent in the previous year.

Fuji Xerox_okThe company will now expand its FSC carbon neutral paper range throughout 2013-14 to include both digital and recycled stocks to support customers in lowering their carbon footprint. Fuji has also pledged to continue to partner with suppliers in developing effective emissions management plans.

Amanda Keogh, head of sustainability at Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific and Australia, says, “We are working with our employees and our customers to gain greater understanding of how we can help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. In 13-14 we will roll out a number of our initiatives developed during 12-13, including a capability development program so that our sales people can have meaningful sustainability conversations with our customers.”

Following a refurbishment of its head office and production print environments to reflect a sustainability focus, Fuji says it has achieved carbon and energy savings equivalent to 90 fewer cars (352,043kg CO2) on the road for a single year, and solid waste savings (29,368kg) equivalent to six fewer garbage truck loads of waste in one year.

Intending to lead by example, the company also reported an 11 per cent reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by investing in energy efficient lighting and sustainable design for its newly-renovated work sites.


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