Agfa MGI agency extends to New Zealand

Agfa MGI agency extends to New Zealand

Agfa Graphics has confirmed that its agency to sell MGI technology in Australia also includes New Zealand.

Tere Williams, general manager for Agfa in New Zealand says the company will supply the machines here. Agfa believes that the flagship MGI Meteor DP8700 XL four-colour multi-substrate printer will fill a hole in the middle segment of the market.

Harry Kontogiannis, business manager of digital printing with Agfa Oceania, says, “The options the Meteor offers include printing on envelopes and unusual formats, like a gatefold up to a metre long. There aren’t too many digital presses that can do that. We think it is a really flexible device, at an attractive price point.”

Mark Brindley, managing director of Agfa Oceania, says the machine has the potential to open new revenue streams for printers with products like oversize print, packaging, labels and plastic cards, and higher margins to boot. He says, “With the average profit on print running at around five per cent, it is no wonder the Meteor’s ability to produce general commercial work with a profit margin of 20, 30, 50 or even 70 per cent is creating interest around the world.

“These are challenging times in print, but the Meteor press range, and the wider range of innovative products from MGI, offer exciting solutions and options for businesses.”

The Meteor range also promises an average downtime of less than 10 per cent, which Kontogiannis says will make a difference to profit potential over the machine’s lifetime. He says, “A press is only making you money when it’s running – every time production stops and you have to wait for service, that machine is costing you money. The combination of a well-engineered, robustly constructed press with the back-up of a reliable service network makes good business sense.”

European Agfa entities supply MGI technology in Switzerland, Sweden and Italy. Brindley says Agfa will continue to bring out more MGI devices in the future, as demand arises, and the company is open to also supplying other third party products where it sees a niche in the market and complementary fit with its portfolio of prepress, consumables and wide format equipment.


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