Kodan Oz adds customisation abilities with swissQprint Oryx

Victorian printer Kodan Oz is expanding its services in the customised printed products market with a swissQprint Oryx digital flatbed printer, purchased from Victorian supplier Adco International.

Kodan Oz primarily produces customised polypropylene ring binders, ring folders, presentation folders, cases, document wallets and product and document presentation solutions for corporate clients in Australia and the US.

New markets: Kodan Oz is growing, pictured are Brad Kyberg (l) and Damien O’Neil at Kodan Oz

New markets: Kodan Oz is growing, pictured are Brad Kyberg (l) and Damien O’Neil at Kodan Oz

Damien O’Neil, CEO of Kodan Oz, says the acquisition of the swissQprint has extended the company’s business into new markets for its customers. He tells Australian Printer, “There is always a demand for high quality full colour on plastic substrates and materials other than paper. But it has always been a bit of an issue to do small runs and get high quality.

“We were out of the game with offering this short run high quality work at a competitive rate but now with the swissQprint we can print from one to 1,000 and the quality is exceptional.”

O’Neil says Kodan Oz had been looking at digital printers for a number of years before going with the Oryx. He says, “Because our products sit on peoples’ desks and are close to their eyeballs we need really good stuff. When we saw what we could do with the swissQprint we were just knocked out.

“It is not the cheapest around, it is probably one of the more expensive machines, but the Swiss technology behind it gives it a lot of confidence, and the image we are getting from it is making our customers happy, which is probably all that matters.

“We are in an industry where quality is king. We need to be able to deliver on our clients’ expectations, and the swissQprint from what I can see produces the best result up-close in Australia.”

He adds he has been pleased with the machine’s colour-matching abilities, on translucent and semi-translucent substrates.

Kodan Oz currently operates from two factories in Bayswater, Melbourne, with approximately 10 staff across the business. It has been working with distributor Adco International for about 15 years.

O’Neil says, “The support we get from the team is unbelievable. When we have problems with our machines they are here virtually in an instant. Generally, if we get in early in the day, we see them in an hour or two.”


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